We are proud to support Mission Possible Moldova- a non-profit organization that works at helping young ladies from vulnerable families and orphanages get a much needed push-start in life. The coming of age is a very vulnerable period for these ladies in Moldova as many have no financial resources or family to help them get a start in life, thus often escaping to desperate means. 

With product and financial donations, ongoing content sharing, and special projects, we are committed to their mission to help these young and vulnerable orphan girls find their place and purpose in the world. 



Eleven years ago Raluca Farcas moved to Republic of Moldova with a one way ticket in her hand and a suitcase in the other. She began working with these ladies and opened a girls’ dorm in the attic of a church called Lumina Lumii. Now, Raluca and the girls have been living there for the past 9 years. They are currently working on the construction of an entire girls' home and are hoping to move in by Fall of 2021.